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Brexit: to stay or to go, is that the question?

Huis van Europa, Korte Vijverberg 5/6, Den Haag, Friday April 15, 15-17h

On Friday April 15 – the day of the official launch of the campaign in the UK – the European Movement in the Netherlands (EBN) and the Netherlands Society for International Affairs (NGIZ) organized a high-level paneldiscussion on the UK EU Referendum. In the wake of the recent migration crisis, the economic and financial turbulance and the violence increasing in and around Europe, the pressures on European cohesion are rapidly mounting. In a hyperconnected world, many people feel uncertainty about Europe’s future. The UK EU referendum – scheduled for June 23 this year – echoes all these concerns and more. Three international expert observers enlightened the audience on the facts and fiction in the current UK referendum debates, and the price we would all pay if the UK were to leave the EU. Prof. Iain Begg (London School of Economics) entered into the multifarious reasons for the British scepticism with Europe and elaborated the potential scenarios and financial and economic consequences of any Brexit. Mr.John McLellan (Director Scottish Newspaper Society, former editor of The Scotsman and member of the presscircle) compared the current media coverage of the UK referendum with some of his experience in the recent Scottish referendum, and touched on a number of tactical parallels visible in these campaigns. Mrs. Isabella Schwarz (European Cultural Foundation) analyzed the wider cultural implications of the UK leaving the EU and broadened her presentation to the role of culture, generally in understanding and advancing European integration.

For the presentations, see below:

EBN – slides Brexit debate 15 April, 2016 – John McLellan

EBN – slides Brexit debate April 15, 2016 – Iain Begg

administrator_ebnBrexit: to stay or to go, is that the question?