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EC Citizens’ dialogues with Frans Timmermans in The Hague

On January 7, Frans Timmermans engaged in a dialogue with around 300 persons in the Grote Kerk in The Hague. The event was part of a series in which European Commissioners share their thoughts with people in various cities in Europe in open arena meetings.

Timmermans answered questions on the current Dutch EU Presidency agenda, the refugee crisis and imposition of new borders, the challenges of Brexit and the Ukraine referendum, the importance of culture and innovation, the necessity of a new social contract for Europe, the importance of investing in education for the new century and of course the progress made on his portfolio to deal with streamlining European regulation and the reduction of unnecessary rules. The citizens’ dialogues are live-streamed and can be viewed on line:

administrator_ebnEC Citizens’ dialogues with Frans Timmermans in The Hague