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On Sunday February 26, 2017, 150 people gathered in cultural center De Balie in Amsterdam for a hugely energizing meet-up in search of new vital frames for Europe. While Europe is in turmoil and fear of collapse, new initiatives are popping up in many places. These constructive initiatives cover a lot of ground: from dealing with new economic models, new policies for human rights, or new respect for rule of law to developing a broader sense of security, a more inclusive sense of the public sphere, or stressing new global equity and different international relations strategies.

Europe Open Podium yielded several rich discussions. Every half hour a short pitch or dialogue (10 minutes) took place on the Salon Stage, followed by conversations with the speakers and participants.

The EBN was one of the initial hosts, rapidly joined by European Alternatives, Reclaim Europe partners, Bridging Europe, students of SIB, representatives of the Commons Network/European Commons Assembly, active youthgs of Happy Chaos, innovators of Network Democratie, De Beweging, Diem25, Open Knowledge International, Europeana, the Pulse of Europe, We25Million, Are We Europe (AWE), the Spring to Come Foundation, the GeoffreyNice Foundation, Europa Arena and many others…

Our aim was to explore the potential for new alliances, new forms of democracy, and new relations of Europe with the world. The event was also meant to connect people, active in The Netherlands around such topics. Both aims were met. And the feedback on the meet-up was great.

This is the reason why during a brief meeting of the key organizers on March 3, we have decided that Europe Open Podium will continue, and will get a follow-up in the weeks after the Dutch elections.

For the program see: pdf

The various podium dialogues of Europe Open Podium can be found in the three-part You Tube registration below.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3